Creating a Capsule Makeup Collection with V Kosmetik

Creating a Capsule Makeup Collection with V Kosmetik

Do you find yourself constantly purchasing makeup products, but rarely using a majority of them? Having a simplified makeup collection can drastically cut down the time it takes you to get ready each day and allows you to have a simple, straightforward routine.

If you're finding the process of building a capsule makeup collection, we're making the experience a little less intimidating.

Start by Purging Your Current Makeup Products

The first step to building a capsule makeup collection is purging products you no longer use, as well as products that have expired. This will instantly free up space in your makeup bag while also ensuring you don't get an infection from expired products.

Decide What Products You Need in Your Collection

The products you add to your collection will differ depending on your preferences and style. Some people will find they need to have all eye products (under eye concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara) while others are satisfied with just a tube of mascara!

Once you've made a list of the products to include in your capsule collection, it's time to get shopping.

Capsule Makeup Products from V Kosmetik

At V Kosmetik, we pride ourselves on our customer service and the ability to help new and returning customers find the products that will complete their collection and work for them.

If you're building a capsule makeup collection for the first time, here are the must-have products to include from V Kosmetik:

Foundation - Give your face a flawless finish with our foundation! Depending on your skin type and the coverage you're looking for, our hi-def foundation, flawless finish foundation, mousse, and BB creams are all wonderful!

Powder - Available in pressed or loose options, a finishing powder gives your face that Instagram filter look after applying your favorite foundation. 

Blush - Give your face some color with our highly-pigmented blushes! Apply after your setting powder to get a smooth and even finish.

Bronzer - No matter what time of year it is, having a bronzer in your capsule makeup collection will allow you to give your face definition and a kissed by the sun look.

Mascara - Lengthen and define your lashes with our water-resistant, clump-free mascaras. Even on days that you're not wearing face makeup, applying mascara will give the illusion that you're ready for the day!

Brow Gel - Having thick, full brows is in style, and even if your brows are thin and on the lighter side, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, too! With our Brow Fixx Brow Gel, you can easily tame and fill in your brows in a matter of seconds.

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