Happy International Women's day! We see you Kweens!

We celebrate all women around the Globe! We love your passion, your devotion, your strength, your resilience and your beauty.
V Kosmetik would like to honour Eunice Johnson who was a businesswoman and wife of Ebony and Jet magazine publisher John H. Johnson. She created Fashion Fair Cosmetics which is argued to be the keystone of Black-owned makeup in the late 20th century. Her idea came about after she noticed that models for the Ebony Fashion Fair would mix their own pigments to create shades that suited their skin tones. Eunice approached larger makeup corporations like Revlon prior to starting her own brand, all of which turned her down. In 2003, Fashion Fair Cosmetics grossed $56 million in sales at its peak, the largest Black-owned makeup company at the time.
At V Kosmetik's we would like to honour Mrs.Eugene Johnson and thank her for paving the way for our success today as WOMEN'S OWN company that caters to every shade. Check out our foundations in 50+ shades to take care of your beautiful complexion!
And remember you are Follement Belle!
Tag a women you love and would love to celebrate!

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