Year in Retrospect 

  This Year has been a whirlwind for us all, since the pandemic our lives have become extremely difficult. With the new years coming on we must remain hopeful for a brighter future. We must remain grateful for what we have and at V kosmetiks we are grateful for YOU KWEENS. Although this year has been tough we must remember and be thankful for the accomplishments we made this year. To ring in the new year we would like to celebrate our accomplishments with you and remind you that there is always a rainbow after the storm.


    Right after Covid-19 announced new rules of confinement and we saw sales drop in a second, we decided to upgrade our game with  a Brand new website that is user friendly and follows the new technology, bright and as bold as we are. The site includes our 50 + range of foundations and lipsticks which we introduce to you weekly in our blogs! V Kosmetik is a revolution, a movement of powerful sassy crazy insanely madly beautiful fifty shades of ethnicity wanting to redefine how beauty is perceived and demanding an inclusive and authentic image representing our diversity. “For far too long mainstream ideology convinced us that we are not beautiful enough and created unattainable aspirational images forcing us to spend tons of money buying products that were not made for us.

Be part of a revolution by joining a new Facebook page created for you.

 Don’t forget to follow our Instagram as well because … V KOSMETIK'S HAS GONE INTERNATIONAL. V Kosmetik signed a distribution deal with Morocco, Senegal, Tunisie, and Benin. We're so excited about this expansion and hope you are, too!

We are beyond  excited that V Kosmetik has joined the Birchbox family! A major step to introduce V kosmetik to the American Market! The major online and retail brand makes it easy to update your beauty routine and gives you something to look forward to each month. When you subscribe, you'll receive a monthly box that includes 5 deluxe samples from a variety of categories, all handpicked by the Birchbox team.  We made sure to provide the best to you Kweens with personalized makeup tutorials when you buy from us.  Also we are introducing in a couple of weeks, a brand new V Kosmetik application that will help you find the perfect makeup look and most important your foundation!  We made a new collaboration with the amazing brand Inheritance, the best curl hair salon and natural beauty movement outhere! We also partnered with NWA a new online boutique that promotes all black and ethnic products on the market.

Our best accomplishment is coming in a couple of days! KOKO by V Kosmetik your new excotic skin care will finally be out after 3 years in the making!  We are beyond excited!  

Be on the lookout! 2021 is coming with a bang with V Kosmetik! We are excited with some more news!!

V Kosmetik wants to celebrate, promote and enhance your natural beauty. You are good enough, you are pretty enough and your diversity is what makes you special. Our product just enhances it. We don’t choose you but you chose us! Thank you to all our V Kweens around the world. Please pass this message around. We want the entire world to be part of this movement. Let’s take control of our destiny to be part of the revolution. 

This blog is for all my kWEENS to be able to share our stories, experiences, knowledge, best practices, tips, inspirations…

At Vkosmetiks we believe in giving back. We are touched by the dedication of all the front line workers during this pandemic. We cannot thank you all enough for saving lives while risking yours. During these times of crisis, we thought it would make these wonderful people feel beautiful and a little better about themselves. V kosmetik has given more than 500 makeup kits to V Kweens Angels of health. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will get through this together! 

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