How to become a successful Boss Lady and kicking the Glass ceiling to the curve!

As the the future is very uncertain for most of us, we have decided to start a new series on how to become a “Boss Lady and kicking the glass ceiling on its « derriere »”! We want you to strive financially and become very successful at playing the fields! Unfortunately this so called ceiling still exist that much is the very true. However we want to help you kick “this barrier” to the curve!

Society-level solutions are often cloudy that’s why we will help you overcome this by sharing our stories, explain the crucial steps on becoming financially independent and help our Kweens wrapt their arms around their own path to success.

Now it’s the perfect time!

Once a week we will tell our stories, explain how we took those crucial steps, and help other Kweens! you will conquer the fear of failure, tackling underlying emotional, psychological and economic struggles that most women face continually and plan our future simultaneously, not subsequently!

Advice # 1.

Come up with a solid Architectural business model and envision it with a clear plan!! A plan without a clear vision and a perfect execution is empty...

Your plan should consist of

Your logo

The name of your business

Adress, website, phone, contact name and e-mail

Your Mission

Offer and value proposition

The story

Revenue model

Entrepreneur and the team (sell yourself)

Legal Form

Objectives and timetable of achievements


Operations plan

Financial forecasts

We can send you a proforma

And last don’t forget

Believe in yourself

Plan your ascents

Master your niche

Always challenge yourself

Take a whole-business approach

Find other strong female allies

Add value and lead

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