How to do the Perfect Smokey Eye

Whether you’re headed out for date night, a holiday party, or girl’s night out, having your makeup perfectly “glammed” is essential. A smokey eye is a captivating look that’s easy to apply and stunningly complements any outfit. The smokey eye involves a light-to-dark blend of eyeshadow for a dramatic and bold effect. If you’re new to this look, don’t be intimidated; We’re here to break down the steps to create a perfect smokey eye, from technique to all the products you’ll need! 

Start With Primer 

You never know where the day (or night) may take you; To ensure a long-lasting look that won’t fade, you’ll want to start with a primer. An eyelid primer creates a smooth base for your shadow, and can even help the colors pop more vibrant. Using your fingertips, apply a thin layer of primer all over your eyelid. Our face primer works perfectly for a flawless all-day look.

face primer

Apply Different Shades of Eye Shadow

Medium Shade: Start with a medium shade of eye shadow and apply it over your eyelid. Stop when you get to the natural crease on the top of your lid, and in the inner corner of your eye. 

Lighter Shade: Using a lighter shimmery shade, known as the highlighter, apply to the inner corner of your eyelid. You’ll also want to use this directly under the eyebrows, starting from the beginning to the end of your brow bone.  

Darker Shade: Next, layer your darkest color onto the outer corner of the eyes. Start about midway on your eyelid and sweep outwards down your lash line, out to the corner, and back about halfway. 

Blend: Now it’s time to blend! Using a blending brush, start by blending the outer corner and along the crease. Work your way up the brow bone, and gradually blending the highlighter for a fully blended look. Your eye shadow brush will work as well, just be sure to clean it off first so you don’t transfer the colors. 

Our Eyeshadow Deep and Delicious palette has all the shades you’ll need for a flawless smokey eye! 


Dark Eye Liner

A dramatic smokey-eye isn’t complete without a bold liner to accentuate your eyes. You can use a pencil or liquid eyeliner to draw a thick line directly above your eyelashes. Start from the inside corner lash line, and work your way to the outer corner of your eye. Many girls love adding a cat or winged eyeliner to top off their smokey eye. You could also opt for a smudgy look, using your fingertip or small brush to blur the line slightly. 

liquid eyeliner

Finish With Dramatic Mascara 

Lastly, mascara is the finishing touch for your jaw-dropping look! Our maximize long-wear mascara gives you double-thick, clump-free lashes that are sure to complement your gorgeous smokey eye.

long-wear maximize mascara

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