No-Fail Makeup Tips to Try ASAP

No-Fail Makeup Tips to Try ASAP

With so many different makeup products out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones are best to incorporate into your routine and which ones are worth the price tag. After all, how do you know they're actually going to work like they say they will? 

No matter what products you're picking up, these no-fail makeup tips will help you look and feel your best!

Start with a Clean Canvas

Yes, we mean your face! Before applying any makeup products, make sure to wash, exfoliate, and moisturize your face. This will allow your makeup to apply more evenly and last longer throughout the day.

Always Apply Your Eye Makeup First

When applying eye shadow, the powder can fall onto your face, making your concealer, blush, and foundation to appear "dirty" and require a re-do. To avoid this, always apply your eye makeup first!

Looking to Accept Your Eyes? Use a Natural Shadow!

Natural colored eye shadow will always make your eyes the star of the show. If you have dark-colored eyes, opted for warmer tones and if you have light-colored eyes, opt for cool tones. 

Try a medium natural shade in the crease of your eye to help erase the appearance of any overhang and to help make your eyes appear larger. Darker shades are a great addition to your gel eyeliner to give your face a smoky look that hides any squiggles. 

Apply a Highlighter on Your Cheekbones

A bright highlighter will add life and energy to your face, even on the days you're exhausted. By utilizing a highlighter, you'll be able to give your face a natural-looking flush and pull attention to your eyes. 

Switch Up Your Lip Color

With a new season ahead, incorporating new lip colors into your makeup routine will help give you a fresh look. For daytime, opt for light, natural tones and utilize dark berry colors in the evenings. 

Ready to give your makeup routine an overhaul? Contact our team today and we'll help you find the perfect cosmetic products for your lifestyle!

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