VKOSMETIK, the voice of all shades and authenticity.

VKOSMETIK believes in the importance of living the life you want. We care about everyone living life to the max and fully expressing themselves, regardless of their origins, culture and personality.

VKOSMETIK, the 50 shades of ethnicity.


For far too long, certain ethnic groups have been underserved, underrepresented and forgotten, mainstream ideology convinced us that we are not beautiful enough and unattainable beauty standards forced us to spend tons of money on products not made for us.

VKOSMETIK wants to redefine how beauty is perceived. VKOSMETIK wants to celebrate, promote and enhance your natural beauty. VKOSMETIK wanted to create an inclusive and authentic image representing the 50 shades of ethnicity. You are pretty enough and your diversity makes you special.

VKOSMETIK is a revolution of insanely beautiful women. We want the entire world to be part of this movement. Take control of your destiny, be part of the revolution.

Enhancing self-love


Warriors of women empowerment

The true beauty of the many shades of ethnicity

Redefining beauty through the eyes of our VKweens

a revolution of of crazy insanely beautiful women


Behind VKOSMETIK are two authentic and explosive women who want to shake up the cosmetic industry.

Vickie Joseph

CEO, brand architect and brain child of VKOSMETIK, she is an established businesswoman in the fashion and beauty world.

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"At VKOSMETIK, we believe that self-love, authenticity, diversity in all shapes and forms matters. We love to create products inspired by you, the real next-door Kween!"

— Vickie Joseph


President of global sales and operations of VKOSMETIK, she is a financial designer known for her sassy business sense and keen business acume.