Fall Beauty Trends

It's no secret that we love talking about makeup and beauty products, especially when it comes to new trends. 

While this year has looked a little different when it comes to makeup trends, there are a lot of great fall beauty trends we’re looking forward to this year. Whether you’re still working from home, going into the office, or homeschooling your kids, these beauty trends are going to be your new favorites. 

Long-Lasting Coverage

Whether you’re at home or wearing a face mask in public, having a go-to foundation that doesn’t budge and is long-lasting is a must! With V Kosmetik, you don’t have to worry about choosing between full-coverage and long-lasting! Our foundations give you a dewy finish and are non-transferrable so they won’t rub off on your face masks.

Matte Lip Color

When wearing a face mask on a regular basis, the last thing you want is for your beautiful lipgloss to smudge in your mask and wipe off your lips. Instead, opt for a matte lip color. At V Kosmetik, our liquid velvet lipsticks not only dry matte but are highly pigmented and hydrating to still give your lips that wow factor. This fall, try a neutral color such as FAITH, or a berry color such as DEEP DESIRE

Eye-Catching Eye Liner

With half of your face being covered by a face mask, now is the time to let your eyes shine! From a natural application to a beautiful winged liner, our liquid eye liner will stay put for hours and will give you the ability to be creative. Our team is already trying different shapes and styles! 

Structured Brows

Like we said before, now is the time to let your eyes shine and that includes your brows, too! It’s important to find the brow shape that works for you and not to focus on the trends, but a structured brow is something everyone can get behind! This can mean different things depending on your personality, but let it shine through with our Brow Fixx

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