We want to take the time to sincerely and deeply THANK YOU Kweens for your continuous support, your LOVE and your belief in V Kosmetik

These past 2 Years have been a whirlwind for us all, since the pandemic our lives have changed. With the new year coming on we must remain hopeful for a brighter future. We must remain grateful for what we have and at V Kosmetik’s we are grateful for YOU KWEENS. Although this year has been tough, we must remember and be thankful for the accomplishments we made this year. To ring in the new year, we would like to celebrate them with you and remind you that after the storm comes the rainbow.


Our Drama Kween liquid Lipstick Velvet was again the top best seller of our family, and we guarantee you we are working hard to get it back in stock soon!


Our Special polymer concoction for our Intense Mascara makes your eyes happy as one of our top sellers and again we are working to get it back on stock


Our Palettes has conquered your hearts and became part of our top sellers this year!



   This year was a challenging one but very amazing, we decided to upgrade our game with a brand-new V Kosmetik app that that will allow our Kweens to try on our products directly on their faces to choose the perfect shade as bright and as bold as we are. Our site includes our 50 + range of foundations and lipsticks which we introduce to you weekly in our social media platforms! V Kosmetik is a revolution, a movement of powerful sassy crazy insanely madly beautiful fifty shades of ethnicity wanting to redefine how beauty is perceived and demanding an inclusive and authentic image representing our diversity. “For far too long mainstream ideology convinced us that we are not beautiful enough and created unattainable aspirational images forcing us to spend tons of money buying products that were not made for us.

Be part of a revolution by joining a new Facebook AFRICA page created for you.


 Don’t forget to follow our Instagram as well because … V KOSMETIK'S HAS GONE INTERNATIONAL. V Kosmetik IS in Morocco, Senegal, Tunisie, and Benin. We're so excited about this expansion and hope you are, too! We are continuing our expansion in the American Market! WE HAVE AMAZING NEWS COMING SOON! WE CAN’T HOLD ON TO THE SECRET ANYMORE AND WE CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU VERY SOON!



We are part of THE BAY Empire!! Isn’t this a major Step!!


Last but not least Major Boss moves: We launched our NEW addition to the V Kosmetik missions to grow more women into business with a low investment that we named Micro Preneurship and are happy to tell you we signed 5 new micro Preneurs to our family in the past year. Our newest partner VELOUR will overseas the Montreal area.   


KOKO by V Kosmetik your new exotic skin care will finally be out after 4 years in the making!  We are beyond excited! 

Be on the lookout! 2022 is coming with a bang with V Kosmetik! We are excited with some more news!!

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