Your financial freedom starts today 

Welcome to V Kween Beauty Business Masterclasses

Have you ever thought of starting your own Business however you did not know how to launch it ?

Are you currently living
paycheck to paycheck ? 

Have you ever wonder how people take control of their wealth without being frozen with fear ?

We have the key to unlock your financial freedom with this masterclass !

What we do

✓ We teach women how to build financial freedom.

✓ We promise business training, finance courses, money mindset coaching and makeup specialized technique courses. 

✓ We want you to have extra revenue stream so you never have to worry about money again!

Why we do it

We want to build a society where each and everyone hold the key to financial power. The power to purchase a home, invest in assets and in your future, save for retirement, give your children the best and anything else you want to do. Enough with always feeling emotionally broke and financially stressed.

We at V Kween society are determined to transform you. It's time for you to make bank.

With our Masterclass

✓ You will let go of your fears about the financial freedom you always wanted 

✓ You will be removing all the negativity buzzing around your head 

✓ Finally, you will go to the next level of your life and dreams

What will you learn from this class


How to build and brand your beauty Business


Unlock your finances by weighing your worth, finesse your framework, power your profits. Work your strength, sort your systems so you can become the badass VKween, become a number result driven women! 


Master the techniques of makeup and scale your business with our all-inclusive masterplan! We will even finance your start up. Learn how to break some makeup rules, but still keep the beauty of your canvas. You will demystify the art of applying makeup with our top expert makeup coach. Learn how to highlight others with the play of lights, textures and colors offered by the mastery of brushes and finally sale the products and your art to the world.

Nadège Paul


"Merci pour cette belle opportunité de rencontre des gens super sympa et qui nous font grandir j'ai vraiment aimé l'expérience et je le recommande fortement!! Depuis ma masterclass, j’essaie de me maquiller comme Lola nous l’a montré et j'ai de beaux résultats et de beaux commentaires."

— Nadege Paul



"This was by part the best experience I’ve ever lived! Life changing!! I recommend it, they know what they’re talking about, so detailed intuitive, community empowerment, business driven, I am sold!"

— Bekicha



"Vickie and her whole team are just amazing! So attentive, passionate, ready to make us rule the world! Still in awwww. I am a new women thank you V Kween!"

— Moni



" I came in ready to pitch my business development and came out completely inspired and ready to take on the world! Now I am an full time entrepreneur scaling my own business!"

— Catherine

With you in command

Your own start-up business all-inclusive with our masterplan

Be featured on one of the faster growing social platforms for make-up artist and the next super makeup artist power house so we can see and promote your masterpieces.

Become a leader in the makeup industry and increase your knowledge, skills, income, client-base and your business.

VKween Silver Starter 499$

✓ 3 Products given to participants :
1 Lipgloss, 1 Lip Pencil and 1 Classic Mascara 

✓ 30 minutes entrepreneurship coaching

✓ 3 makeup class : Techniques + Perfection + Q&A 

✓ Lunch and wine

✓ 25% off for one year on all V Kosmetik products and other surprises 

✓ VK Masterclass Certificate 

VKween Beauty Golden 1500$

✓ Full financing offered by V Kosmetik (Certain conditions apply)

✓ Everything offered with the Silver Starter Package

✓ A mini kiosk containing :
✓ 1 displays
✓ 4 categories of lip products; 5 Lipsticks, 5 Lipgloss, 5 Velvet Liquid Lipsticks, 5 Lip Pencils
✓ The Ambassador buys our products at 30% of the current retail price. See the Franchisee Agreement for more details.
✓ Personalized access from V Kosmetik's current digital web platform.
✓ Order form of V Kosmetik
✓ Letterhead of V kosmetik in digital format
✓ List of products for inventory
✓ Personalized V Kosmetik email address
✓ Pamphlets
✓ Makeup guides
✓ Color charts
✓ 1 training video
✓ 1 complete training guide
✓ 5 starter bags of V Kosmetik
✓ 10 delivery envelopes from V Kosmetik
✓ 10 business cards
✓ 2 follow-up meetings during the first month
✓ 1 quarterly follow-up meeting
✓ 1 participation in the annual conference meeting of V Kosmetik
✓ 1 V Kosmetik women's t-shirt
✓ Support team available
✓ Receive a V Kween Society Beauty Masterclass certification

Masterclass FAQ